Code of Conduct

Learners we must realize that mutual co-operation between myself and the other people involved with my education, can solely be successful if all the parties concerned agree to the pursuit of values and principles and therefore undertake to abide by the following rules and regulations.

01. Learners must support and underwrite the Christian ethos of the school.

02. Learners must undertake to obey the 7 golden rules:
– Always be friendly
– Always be polite
– Always be honest
– Always be neat
– Always be helpful
– Always do your best
– Always be proud

03. Learners must undertake to do my homework regularly, after care work (also catching up of work if Learners must was absent), preparation for orals, research work and
learning for tests and exams as the teachers ask
of me.

04. Learners must undertake to always treat teachers and other
people in authority with respect.
05. Learners must undertake to discuss any problemsLearners must experience
with school work, or anything otherwise, with a
teacher in order for a solution to be found.
06. Learners must will be loyal to my school and will always have a
positive image and will keep problems that may
arise within the school.
07. Learners must undertake to be a good ambassador for my
school and will see to it that my behaviour never
tarnishes the good name of the school.
08. Learners must will take care of school property and will treat
files, writing and text books with respect.
09. “Knowledge is power” thereforeLearners must realize that my
first priority will be toward my academic work in
order for me to be well equipped with knowledge,
values, skills, understanding and attitude.
10. My clothing, hair and nails will always be neat in
order for me to be proud of my appearance.
11. Learners must am aware of the disciplinary system viz.:
– Transgressions are noted
– After three transgressions parents are contacted.